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Beauty & Wellbeing

by Anya Jones – RN, CNC

A very warm welcome and thank you for entrusting your skin, health and wellbeing to Anya Jones – Aesthetician and Wellness Practitioner. She understands that choosing the right practitioner for your skin and wellbeing is a major decision.

Anya Jones believes that our skin acts like a mirror that reflects on what is going inside your body and mind. With this in mind Anya has developed  a range of unique and personalised treatment programs that combines holistic and natural rituals with modern aesthetic technology to exceed customer satisfaction and achieve optimal results.

Upon your private consultation with Anya Jones she will thoroughly discuss your individual needs, specific concerns and desired outcomes whilst taking your lifestyle to consideration before she develops your unique treatment program and home rituals.

Anya, a sought after practitioner, well known not only for her commitment to exceptional and personalised services but also by having the amazing ability wrapping together holistic treatments with modern aesthetic technology leaving you feeling awakened, nourished and glowing inside and out.

With Anya Jones your are one step closer to your goals.

Awaken Your Spirit Discover Your Beauty



Skin Health and Vitality

anya natural skincare collection is an exquisite range where each and every product is infused with exotic botanicals and purest natural ingredients that are harvested straight from our earth, oceans and plant extracts. By using natural ingredients with proven efficiency that works on a cellular level of your skin radiates its dedication to excellence, natural synergy and the love for our planet.

anya  skincare collection is more than just another range of formulations – its an evolution where each product is crafted with love, gratitude and abundance employing an ecco friendly culture and recyclable packaging for a sustainable future.

anya meaning “gracious” or “bringing goodness” in the Hebrew language.

anya symbolises the divine strength of love, enlightenment and wisdom.

The philosophy of anya skincare encourages holistic living, and a healthy balanced lifestyle. We believe that the body and mind connection acts like a gateway to our physical and emotional wellbeing that affects the choices we make and our view on life.   .

anya skincare is committed to empowering people of all ages developing a strong and healthy relationship their looks, bodies and minds.


anya loved by your skin – loved by earth